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Do You Need A Storage Unit For Your Apartment In Indianapolis?

December 04, 2020

Apartment in Indianapolis

Do you ever feel like you have more furnishings than floor space in your Indianapolis apartment? Perhaps you downsized from a larger home, got a new hobby that requires storage space, or decided to share space with a roommate.
Whatever the reason, you can’t enjoy your favorite home activities in a packed place. Renting a storage unit in Indianapolis is one possibility, or try other options, such as getting a separate garage from your apartment complex in order to keep your things next door to where you live.
Storage space in a master bedroom closet.

Conquer Clutter To Free Up Space In Your Indianapolis Apartment

Do you ever think about how open your apartment felt when you moved in? Then you filled it with your possessions, and suddenly the walls closed in. The square footage is still there. The trick is to locate it under your abundance of belongings!

The easiest way to uncover more room in your apartment is to label items by putting them into categories. Categorize items as "donate," "keep," or "trash." Throw away any possession that qualifies as trash. Set the stuff you decide to donate in a container or take them to someone who can use them. The next step is to organize the things you are keeping. You will be surprised to see how much open space you have when it’s not overwhelmed by clutter!

Storage space in a master bedroom closet.

Reorganize Clutter To Take Control Of Your Space

Sometimes the difficulty isn’t the amount of stuff; it’s that your stuff isn’t where it should be. If you have clothes or personal effects lying around where they don’t belong, you likely won’t have a lot of available space. Simple organization goes a long way toward a more comfortable home.

Some floor plans offer more storage space than others, but even in a smaller apartment, there is likely enough room for your belongings if you get creative. Stow things underneath your bed or in larger pieces of furniture. You might consider vertical storage solutions such as over-the-door storage racks and hooks on walls. And invest in multi-functional furniture like a storage ottoman that also acts as seating. Assigning a place for all of your belongings will open up your available room and keep your place nice and tidy.

Outdoor storage in a Indianapolis apartment community.

Benefit From Your Property’s Storage Space

Sometimes no level of organization and clutter reduction will resolve your apartment’s storage limitations. In the event you own large or valuable items that you would like to hold on to but take up too much room in your apartment, you might need to find another place to put them.

A growing amount of Indianapolis apartment complexes now offer on-site storage space to Residents. Regardless of whether that’s lockers, a detached garage, or private, fully-enclosed units, if your complex offers any of these as an amenity, make the most of it.

Even though you might be faced with an extra monthly fee, this option keeps your possessions secured in the same complex but out of your living space. You will likely discover this benefit justifies the cost.


Rent A Indianapolis Storage Unit

If all else fails, you may need to find a storage unit in another part of Indianapolis. While this is the most costly and inconvenient option, storage units have all the room you need to stow things that won’t fit in your living area.

Storage units are useful for items that need a climate-controlled space or if you are concerned about security. They have a range of sizes, so you pay for as little or as big a unit as you need. An additional bonus: if you move within the same area, you won’t be required to haul away your storage unit's contents, too!


Find a Home That’s More Than A Place To Keep Your Stuff In Indianapolis

Another possibility when the apartment you live in is not enough for your lifestyle and your personal effects is moving to a new apartment! The spacious apartment floor plans and luxury amenities at The Edge Apartments provide you the room you need to do what you enjoy most at home. Currently living on site but ready for a new floor plan? We make it easy to transfer either within our community or to one of our sister properties. To discover the perfect place for you, reach out to our leasing specialists today by dialing 463-345-4399 or clicking the “schedule a tour” option.