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How To Choose a Roommate For An Apartment in Indianapolis

March 09, 2021

Exterior of a Indianapolis apartment

There are plenty reasons why you may need a roommate to share your Indianapolis apartment. Another person can be ideal for sharing bills like rent and utilities.

You could even upgrade to a larger floor plan than if you were living by yourself. Or possibly you just find peace in the idea of having someone at home. In spite of your reason, finding the right roommate for an apartment in Indianapolis can be difficult. But you don’t have to feel like you're rolling the dice. Eliminate the anxiety and start your search with confidence by following these helpful tips.

Roommates in Indianapolis

Make The Best Of Social Media

If you worry about bringing in a total stranger for your roommate, why not begin the search with your social network? With a single post on Facebook, you may discover an old college acquaintance who is also looking for a roommate. While rooming with a buddy has its challenges, at least you both have a foundation and can avoid the awkward "get-to-know-you" phase.

Even if you don't get a friend for your apartment, your social network is still the ideal first step. Ask people you trust and see if they have heard of a person seeking a roomie. A friend-of-a-friend broadens your search drastically -- and at least you have one reference once you find a possible match. You can even ask around off-line at your work, church, or with friends.

Provide Yourself Time To Turn Up A Roommate For An Apartment In Indianapolis

Choosing a roommate for an apartment in Indianapolis is a significant life juncture and should be considered extensively. Hurrying into a pick might lead to many weeks and months of frustration in the long run. You need time to consider your choices and to meet with prospective roommates. Just keep in mind, if you're coordinating a meeting with anyone who’s a stranger, do so in a public area. Also, consider bringing a another person for an additional opinion.

Roommates in Indianapolis

What’s Important To You When Sharing An Apartment?

Before finding a roommate, you have to be honest with yourself and decide what's important to you in a communal living environment. Begin by creating your personal list of desired roommate characteristics. Will a dirty dish left out and about render you insane? Do you like to entertain and need a patient person who's cool with company visiting a few times per week? Do they have apartment-friendly pets? Order your list and conclude which characteristics are no-gos and which ones are flexible.

When deciding on a roommate for an apartment in Indianapolis, it's OK to ask difficult questions. You will want to know about lifestyle habits like drinking, smoking, and health concerns. It would help if you provide them plenty of chances to ask questions as well and be able to answer candidly. Remember that they are interviewing you also.

Choosing the Perfect Space For You And Your Roommate In Indianapolis

Locating the right place with the required amenities is just as vital as selecting the right roommate. Bear in mind that the more condensed the floorplan, the more overlap into each other's area. Ponder the floorplan and, of course, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you want. Research work or study spots to decide where you can mark off your own area and what will be shared too.

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