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Are There Different Types Of Apartment Buildings In Indianapolis?

June 03, 2022

If you’re searching for a new home, you’ll notice different types of apartment buildings in Indianapolis. Most fit within these categories: high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise. But which kind of building is better for you? Learning the benefits and drawbacks of each choice will help you determine what type of apartment you want to call home.

The Pros And Cons Of High-rise Apartment Buildings

High-rise apartment buildings usually consist of at least ten stories. You’ll see them in downtown areas where their elevation gives them the ability to lodge a fair number of people within a small footprint. People who prefer living in high-rise apartments pick them for the following reasons:

  • High-rise options give you amazing views of Indianapolis.
  • They’re in the middle of the city close to shopping, various eateries, and entertainment. A great deal of high-rises even boast shops or dining on their ground floor.
  • They may reduce your commute time if you have a job or attend school within the city.
  • High-rise buildings use elevators, so you won’t be required to take the stairs.
  • At a high-rise, all of your neighbors live in the same structure. This may promote a more meaningful sense of community as you chat in the hallways or on the elevator. You may also benefit the luxury of a doorman or concierge.

Although it has many advantages, living in a high-rise isn’t for all people. Coming home to a city high-rise is fun and thrilling for many, but there’s a good chance you won’t appreciate it if you crave space and solitude. Leaving home can also require a bit more time when you live in a high-rise, and a downtown area may have a limited amount of on-site parking. Finally, high-rise options can be tiny to fit more residences into a restricted quantity of space.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Low-rise Apartment Buildings

Somo Flats Apartments is a low-rise building. 

When considering different types of apartment buildings in Indianapolis, low-rise — also known as garden-style choices — are in sharp contrast to high-rise buildings. They typically feature no more than four floors and are situated in the suburbs. You often see several low-rises at one property with plenty of of outdoor area surrounding them.

You’re probably wondering: Why should I contemplate moving to a low-rise option over other types of apartment buildings in Indianapolis?

  • Low-rises feature more apartments on the first floor, giving occupants simpler access out of the building.
  • Low-rise apartments often have more parking spots for occupants and others.
  • They have extra outside area to roam if you have a pet or a fondness for a natural setting outside your window in lieu of a bustling city street.
  • You’ll come home to the quieter suburbs.
  • You share common areas and hallways with fewer tenants and enjoy more privacy.

However, not all people seeks these advantages. If you would rather have the exhilaration and opportunity of city living, a quiet suburban low-rise complex won’t be a good fit. Depending on where you go to school or work, you might have a long drive from your low-rise unit too.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Mid-rise Apartment Buildings

City's End Apartments is a mid-rise building. 

Mid-rise apartment buildings have a minimum of five and max of nine floors. You’ll notice these structures in both urban and outlying areas, so they combine the advantages of other types of apartment buildings in Indianapolis:
  • When you have a mid-rise building in suburbia, you’ll benefit from a quiet community and exterior area combined with the fellowship of residing in a more populated building.
  • If you choose a mid-rise apartment in the center of Indianapolis, you won’t encounter as many neighbors as a high-rise but you may still take part in the thrill of city living.

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